Virtual Office


  • Own phone number
  • Forwarding letters
  • Postal address


  • Own phone number
  • Personal answer in your name
  • Business address

We manage your office in the United Arab Emirates

A virtual office is a virtual headquarters for small and large companies. We provide you with a prestigious business address in Dubai, which you can use for your business cards, letterheads and marketing material. We set up a virtual location and the virtual office, including the postal address and associated telephone and fax numbers. 

With a virtual office the company can be reached by customers anywhere, without having to be constantly present. A virtual office provides a wide range of flexible services for your company.

The office space can be booked at any moment extended or reduced - to suit your business needs. It does not matter where you personally go. Your virtual office and/or our team will respond quickly and reliably to all inquiries.

Upon request, our staff manages the communication with your customers, business partners or suppliers. Reliable, fast and flexible.

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