Virtual Office Premium

The Premium Version includes a prestigious address where we receive your mail and courier shipments. It also includes a phone number with live call forwarding to your home or office number and a fax number with email forwarding.

price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Incoming telephone calls
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Personal call answer in name of your firm
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Personal call fowarding to number of your choice
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Forwarding your messages by E-mail (Voice mail)
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Incoming faxes
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Forwarding your faxes by E-mail (Fax mail)
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Incoming mail
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Forwarding letters on a weekly basis
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Forwarding packages and courier shipments
price-mark LIGHT BLUE.gif Business Address (own name sign): inclusive

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