In a Dubai Freezone you can choose between four different business licenses:

  • trade license
  • general trade license
  • consulting license
  • industrial license

To apply for a license, the following shall be taken into consideration:

Companies, which want to conclude business in the Dubai freezone, need a business license. When obtaining a business license (business license/trade license) the company acquires the right to conclude business-, trade-, advice-, service-, and industrial activity within the Dubai freezone for a certain period of time. With a license of the Dubai freezone it is still not allowed to conduct business throughout the UAE. Here, the appointment of a local representative is required. 

All licenses have a term of one year starting from the date of issue and must be renewed annually. For the extension of the business license the presentation of an audit report is required.

If you do not plan to do business within the UAE, but only carry out international business abroad, you do not need a license with an IBC. Business activities outside of the UAE are not subject to license.


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