Bank Account

  • Account opening
  • E-banking, credit cards, deposits 
  • Alle currencies EUR, USD, CHF

Open your account with us

Any currency is available for the bank account opening in Dubai. However, the local currency Dirham is a very stable currency which is the most popular for the bank account opening in the U.A.E as well as the US dollar and Euro. If you are going to incorporate your business in Dubai, a bank account opening at a Dubai bank is obligatory. 

Our service includes:

  • convenient account opening without the need to travel to the respective country
  • advice with the choice of the most qualified bank institute for your business
  • current information about the offshore location
  • advice with all tax related questions / Tax & Legal
  • private offshore banking: United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) - Dubai

We distance ourselves from online account openings. Therefore, we strongly recommend to seek extensive advice on the topic offshore banking.
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